Dear Friends and Partners,

On Sunday August 28, 2017, in the wee hours of the morning, a fire broke out in the front office and front building façade of the Keys to Hope Community Center. As a result, the building will be closed indefinitely while we make the building repairs. Keys to Hope program is overwhelmed with gratitude over the concerns, kind words and offers of help pouring in from our community in the aftermath of the fire that gutted part of our building.

Our KTH program stands on the principles of never say never, accept no defeats and fight every obstacle. We have rolled up our sleeves and attacked this problem head on. Within 5 days, all investigations have been completed, the network of insurers are on the same page, and we have begun the restoration process. ServPro began clean up Friday, and will commence smoke damage remediation on Tuesday. Tonn and Blank will be submitting their bid soon so they can start rebuilding the destroyed office and improve and enhance the front of the building. All parties involved have responded with exceptional speed and professionalism.


And here’s why… there are no programs in La Porte County that can match the effectiveness and importance of KTH in dealing with the homelessness issue. Since opening in April of 2015, there have been 33,280 visits to KTH, serving well over 400 fully enrolled participants and an additional 400 receiving emergency services. During this time, 208 enrolled participants have secured jobs and housing, an amazing statistic considering the barriers facing most KTH participants. Programs of growth include 4,460 classes attended including resume building, job preparation, nutrition, smoking cessation, health and wellness, mental health, addiction support meetings among many others. Every participant is assessed for health concerns, and all provided assistance signing up for HIP2.0 insurance and premiums are covered. 11,416 computer usage events for classes, job searching or benefit applications have been completed, 2,188 grooming and appearance barriers are tackled through on site services (13,288 showers taken, 8,434 loads of laundry, 422 haircuts). Most important, giving back. OUR PROUDEST STATISTIC, 4,052 hours of volunteer work provided by our men and women, gratefully giving back to the community. 

We have worked tirelessly to have services continuing through this tragedy, and St Paul Church Council voted to donate the St. Paul Room to KTH for use M-F, 8am to 3pm for the month of September. First Presbyterian Church has agreed to provide shower/laundry facilities from 3pm-5pm M-F. In less than 2 weeks, the rehab work has begun, programming continues at Grace Learning Center and case management and a place to belong every day (Sense of Place) has been established. God Bless our wonderful community. We have insurance, but we need additional funds to restore our program to it’s peak condition. Please, anything you can spare is desperately needed and is greatly appreciated. Donate in our community, invest in our brothers and sisters. Just click the donate tab below, or mail your support to PO Box 8612, Michigan City, IN 46361. Michigan City, we need you.  Please visit our Facebook page, Keys to Hope Community Resource Center (@KeystoHopeCommunityResourceCenter) for updates on our rebuilding process.

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Who We Are

Citizens Concerned for the Homeless is an organization comprised of Sand Castle Shelter, Grace Learning Center, and Keys to Hope. Sand Castle Shelter addresses the "invisible" crisis of homeless children and families in our community. Grace Learning Center provides assistance in developing skills necessary to gain entry level and advanced level jobs. Keys to Hope acts as a as a central access point for social services and resources including appropriate public aid, health insurance, and housing as well as offers free showers and laundry amenities to active participants.

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What We Do

Our mission is to provide short-term drug and alcohol free shelter to homeless families, assist in securing permanent housing for these families, and provide opportunities to build a skill set to maintain stable housing.

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Who We Help

Sand Castle offers temporary shelter to LaPorte County families. These families may be single mothers or single fathers with children, or families headed by couples. When space is available, we accept single women as well. All family members must test free of drugs and alcohol.

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